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Too many women unconsciously carry a tremendous amount of stress and tension throughout the body as a natural response to our culture that doesn’t know how to stop, slow down or honor feminine wisdom. This tension often translates into a variety of all too common symptoms that are, in many cases, quite treatable with natural, hands-on physical techniques.

No drugs or surgery required.Dr. Danielle Cornelius

Women’s Health Chiropractic Physician
Holistic Healer & Feminine Energy Alchemist

You deserve to feel not just good, but amazing in your body, so you can move forward brilliantly and gracefully with who you are meant to be in the world. Your body deserves to experience deep relaxation on a regular basis in order to reset and heal.

My modern preventative health care practice is centered around the root.

The root of the female body is called the pelvic floor (otherwise generally known as the vagina) — an area of the female body that is like a braided nest of muscles entwined and alive with blood vessels, nerve impulses and lymphatic flow. An unbalanced root can case all sorts of problems in the pelvis and beyond.

A large portion of the frustrating symptoms that so many women struggle with in silence — pelvic pain, organ prolapse, incontinence — can be helped tremendously with skilled, healing touch.

Primarily, I practice Holistic Pelvic Care™ – physical and energetic medicine designed to assess and then restore balance to the pelvic space of the female body using gentle internal vaginal massage techniques combined with simple breath work – a pioneering technique created by innovative women’s health physical therapist, Tami Kent, author of the book Wild Feminine: Finding Power, Spirit & Joy in the Female Body.

The body carries tension in more places than the root.

All parts of the body are connected, of course, and women carry tension throughout their physical structure. I also love supporting the entire female body using gentle manual therapy techniques, Holistic Pelvic Energy and simple movement exercises. Pain anywhere in the body can hold you back from living a full life. If you have general aches and pains, I can help.

I practice revolutionary, holistic women’s health care that begins with dedicated attention to the root of the female body, which often desperately needs therapeutic touch and a listening ear to relieve its deeply held aches and pains.

Hands-on, therapeutic bodywork aligns physical structure, clears stagnation, and restores healthy blood, nerve and energy flow — relieving muscle tension and encouraging health and vitality. The simple practice of sensing and directing energy in your body has a profound effect on the physical structure.

Physical medicine is largely missing in our current women’s health care system and so is the time necessary for adequate patient-doctor communication. Energy medicine is absent from the current mainstream paradigm of healing. Both are critical components of well-rounded women’s health care and true preventative medicine. Bodywork and energy medicine both directly relate to creating a sense of calm and relaxation in your body, which is absolutely necessary to get the body out of a stress response and move toward healing.

As a chiropractor, I am an evidence-based, scientifically-trained physician and a skilled bodyworker. I draw on both ancient wisdom and the latest research to inform my practice. After years of rigorous journey through the academics of science and medicine, I began studying with Tami Kent in 2011, which ignited my inner healer. My background and education in communication gives me an important appreciation for what it takes to nurture a healing relationship and listen with empathy.

This progressive care is simple, effective & practically non-existent within the current corporate medical system — it is women’s work, inspired & nurtured by our natural wisdom.

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