Embodiment Coaching Immersion

Feel Your Body's Wisdom & Reclaim Your Power

Are you fed up from struggling with any of the following?

pelvic pain

menstrual issues

low energy

poor sleep

feeling ungrounded and uncentered

unexplained infertility

a sense of disconnection from your body

lack of sensation in your root 

Are you going through, or wanting to go through, a major transition and need some guidance?

I want to assure you.... the answers you seek

are closer than you think!

Now, perhaps more than ever, you are really feeling the brunt of a lot of change and uncertainty. Yet, this is a deeply feminine time where you have the opportunity to really shift the foundation of your being away from the things in our culture designed to keep you from trusting your body.

After our work together, you will feel more aligned with your deepest needs and feel more connected to the joys of nature surrounding you.

This work will help you become embodied and centered in your power.

You will release models of power over others and fall confidently into power within and from your highest self.

If mama isn't happy, nobody's happy.

Most people have heard this phrase. There is truth in it because the female body carries the energy of the group. This is true whether you have children or not.

What you hold in your center, and how you hold it, has ripple effects. 

You are more powerful than you think to create change. Just not always in the ways you think because we are trained to think of power as power over others. 

There is another way.

Transformational coaching for those who want to shift.


how to move from your heart and your root instead of just your mind

alignment with natures cycles, including your own power cycle

how to operate within your own sense of time

balancing feminine and masculine energies, moving into a sense of wholeness within yourself

using your body as your best teacher

embodiment of trust, peace, and grace

deeper access to your intuition and ability to stand in your own power

stepping into your knowing about how to build what is next

empowerment around taking the best care of your self and loved ones as you can

discover ways to integrate vibrancy into your life

stop looking for quick fixes; instead, learn to listen to what your body needs

Private coaching with Dr. Danielle is a an 12-week virtual immersive experience.

You will receive one-on-one 45-min coaching and energy session every week via Zoom. 


health & vitality coaching

subtle somatic energy work

breathwork and guided meditation

simple nutrition and movement advice

astrological wisdom

self-care support

You will have access to me via a coaching portal (the Z.DEN) for the duration of the program.

If you are in the midst of deep transformation, you can work with me 1:1 in a sacred container of three months for more focused guidance. The longer-term format is designed to support you through the transformation process and give you a better chance of making changes that stick.


Schedule now by completing this form to request a consultation with Dr. Danielle.

We will meet over the phone and together, we will decide if we are a good match to move forward.

Most health coaching focus on exercise and nutrition. We will touch on those things as well, but it will not be our main focus. Not in a regimented sort of way, anyway.

This is more about how you manage your VITALITY from the root. Once you have that down, you are more likely to make better long term health choices for yourself.

As a chiropractor who has focused on the female pelvic bowl for over a decade, I help women with all sorts of physical pelvic issues. I have learned that the root of the majority of these issues is ENERGETIC, which is why I have created this virtual program.

Because I know that you have the power to help yourself.

You may have just lost your way or forgotten who you really are.

I am here to share all the simple, yet POWERFUL things I have learned to support countless women over the years.

At the center, our focus together will be ENERGY and vitality. We will remind you how powerful you already are and help you begin to EMBODY that from a deep place.

This is not your average "health coaching" experience.